Saturday, January 31, 2009

What to expect

I suppose I should inform you, the sprawling (and at this point, completely hypothetical) masses, of what to expect from this site. I will try to update as frequently as possible, whether that is several times a week, several times a day, or eight times, I am unable to say right now. I will write about the things that interest me in this world. I might post on the subjects of video games, news, video game news, science, or any other damn thing I think of. I will not change anyone's view of the world. I am just hoping to entertain you a little.


Well, I finally bit the bullet. I am part of the elite corps of every gods-damn idiot with a strong opinion and no social skills that has decided to share his inane ramblings with an ungrateful and uncaring world. Hope you enjoy the site. By the way, the two thing you can count on, dear reader, are a pledge to never use emoticons or txt speak.