Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Higher Education

Today in my class on Realism and Naturalism Literature, I witnessed a dude. Now this dude was sitting in a class that costs him close to $700 before room and board. Now while this dude was sitting in this expensive class, he had his laptop open. Fark, Facebook, and online poker were occupying his attention. Two games of poker simultaneously. So this poker playing dude was hanging out, throwing money away, when he took his index finger and shoved it up his nose. After a few moments, he started absently sucking his newly green finger. I really wish I could have missed that.


  1. Last night in my poli sci class this dude and his girlfriend were chewing vigorously on stuff (gum? chewy wacky drugs? cud?) while pseudo-cuddling in the auditorium-style chairs. They both looked a little spaced-out and really way interested in everything that was being said in class, so I just figured they were whatever and whatever. You know? So then they catch my eye again because they are both leaning way forward and the girl kind of has her head on his shoulder. He, staring at the professor, slowly snaked his finger up and started digging in earnest inside his left nostril. Satisfied that he found what he was looking for, he withdrew his finger and then did the rub-your-fingers-together-flicky-flicky that so often accompanies booger-flicking. So in other words, I know how you feel.

  2. Don't be hating on Facebookers. Until I started bringing my laptop to a certain language class filled with teeny-boppers, I could not remain awake.

    And some people get horny and hungry in class. It can't be helped.

    Okay, it's absolutely disgusting.