Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Easy Villians

I don't know if some people are evil or just very very confused. There is the recently un-excommunicated bishop who denies the mass murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust, believes that women can only approximate intelligent thought, and that the US planned the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. While there are weird little oddities about the attacks of September 11th, there is no compelling evidence that the US was responsible, women are easily capable of the same idiocy or brilliance as a man, and there is a mountain of evidence to demonstrate without a doubt that the Nazis were capable of incredible evil under the influence of one frightened little madman. I find it surprising that an educated Catholic priest is capable of believing these terrible and destructive things despite an abundance of evidence that contradicts him.

Another of my new favorite people is the Iraqi woman who engineered the rape of more than 80 women. Why would someone do something so vile in a society that demonizes a raped woman as a fornicator and adulteress? Well, Samira Jassam orchestrated the rape of more than 80 women so she could convince them that a martyr's death would cleanse them of their shame. I was going to write a tidy little summary, but I am too disgusted with my species right now.

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