Friday, February 6, 2009

Killzone 2, more like I-need-you-to-validate-my-decision-to-buy-a-PS3-Zone 2

Look, I own an Xbox360 and a Playstation 3. I generally prefer to game on the 360, but that is just because most of my friends use the 360. I want to play games on my PS3. I picked up Little BIG Planet, so I could play it on my PS3. I just don't get the idiots who think that they need to defend every single f-ing game on the PS3, no matter how big of a stinking pile it is. I still don't understand the mentality that every criticism of your chosen system, or the games on it, constitutes a biased attack on that system, you personally, and your mother. There are things about both systems that bother me. The latest bullshit about Killzone 2 is hilarious though. There is a (currently) 290+ comment thread on CVG just full of idiots. Despite my general dislike for G4, I think you should check out this rant by Adam Sessler, the only shining star on that network.

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